Washington DC and surrounding metro's most trusted lawn care provider.

Washington DC and surrounding metro's most trusted lawn care provider.

DC Lawn Service offers regularly scheduled mowing that come in weekly or bi-weekly frequencies to keep your lawn looking groomed. We promise you that after just a few cuts with us, you'll see why we've had recurring customers for over 5 years now. Our top quality lawn service is mostly centered in the DC area but we can definitely service surrounding metro areas.


Lawn Care in Washington DC

Let The DC Lawn Service manage your lawn care this year. We are trusted professionals who know the ropes; we sharpen our blades once a week, always service your lawn within our two-day window guarantee, and are respectful of your property at all times. We offer competitive pricing for weekly or bi-weekly service during the growing season. We treat our customers as an extension of our own family.

Tree Care

Trees are the best landscape investment a homeowner can make. They provide shade from the sun and create a sound barrier against all the hustle n' bustle in the world. However, without proper planning trees can become a nuisance. Trust The DC Lawn Service to take care of your trees this year. We offer great insight into placement and what types of trees work best for your landscaping goals, all while keeping in mind the regular maintenance that comes along with them.


Just like your skin, it's good to open up your lawn and allow it to breathe. This process is called aeration, which involves perforating your lawn with small tines that remove plugs of soil from the ground. This allows more water and nutrients to get to the roots and often is the solution to thatch build up. It's one of the best lawn care practices that you can do for your lawn.


Like athletes, who need the proper fuel to perform, your lawn needs the proper nutrients to stay healthy and keep pesky weeds out. Our 8 round fertilization plan includes granular fertilization, weed control/prevention, and disease control/prevention. This three-pronged attack is the perfect solution for any lawn that's infested with weeds or that just needs an extra dose of healthy to stay lush and green.